Current Course


  • 소프트웨어공학(2016-1: ICE3041-01, ICE3041-41, ICE3041-42, 2015-2: ICE3041-41)

    This course involves an overview of modern software engineering techniques. The techniques correspond with software’s life cycle, range from requirement engineering to testing, which cover imperative knowledge for software engineers. The comprehensive knowledge is classified into three groups of issues. Each group covers the following:
    – Basic concepts and notions on SE
    – Fundamental knowledge on main activities and work products during the process of SE
    – Global standards and trends on SE like agile method and UML

    This course employs a flipped-class style(거꾸로 교실 in Korean/Student-led education).
    – Flipped Class: It is a switch version of lecture and application.
    – The student should study before a class through lecture video and in class do classroom activities.
    – In pre-class study a student should make three more questions about the lecture and do effort to solve the questions by oneself or with a team activity through intensive discussion in-class. .